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Mol Image
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Mol Image
In August 2011, Eczacıbaşı Monrol has added a value its chain by acquisition of Mol Image company. Molecular Imaging Industry and Trading Co. Inc.(Mol Image), was established in 2002 as a R&D and hi-tech company, aims to make research, development, innovation and production in the field of Molecular Medicine and become one of the leading companies in Turkey.

The objective in establishment of the company is to make R&D works in Nuclear Medicine and in other medical branches, determination of new requirements through studies directed at implementation, to design new equipment, new chemicals and radiopharmaceuticals, new radiation protection tools. After acqusition by Eczacibasi Monrol in August 1st,2011, Mol Image will sustain its development to add value to molecular medicine industry.


Capintec, the world’s best-known brand in radiation measurement and protection equipment for nuclear medicine, acquired by Eczacıbaşı-Monrol as a major step towards its target of global growth in 2012

Capintec has provided state-of-the-art instrumentation to customers around the world for 45 years. Its innovative solutions have contributed significantly not only to nuclear medicine but also oncology, endocrinology, diagnostic radiology and radiation therapy.

Capintec’s sales and administrative headquarters are located in Ramsey, New Jersey; its production facility is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Since its establishment, Eczacıbaşı Monrol leads the development of the Turkish nuclear medicine market with the production of high-quality radiopharmaceuticals in its world-class modern production facilities with  environmentally-friendly technologies.

Besides it’s investments in Turkey, Eczacıbaşı Monrol has set up the first international  FDG (Florodeoxi-D-glucose) production facility  in Bucharest,Romania. Eczacıbaşı Monrol has already completed the Bucharest facility construction which is in Pantelimon region on 1700 meter square area at the end of 2011 and after completing lisencing and authorization procedures, will be starting production and sales activities in June 2012 In accordance with the radiopharmaceutical production procedures.

By covering Romanian and surrounding regions, it is aimed to serv all corporate and private imaging  centers through the facility to meet future demands faster and more effectively.