Şükrü Bozluolçay is the winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year award in Turkey

Ernst & Young, one of the leading international audit and consulting companies, started the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award program in 1986 in USA, the program is currently organized in 50 countries worldwide. The Turkish leg of the Entrepreneur of the Year for 2012 was finalized February 21st and our Chairman of the Board, Dr. Şükrü Bozluolçay, has been selected to represent Turkey at World Entrepreneur of the Year in Monte Carlo.

The Entrepreneur of the Year contest is organized to reward successful entrepreneurs in business life and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship worldwide. It is accepted as the most prestigious entrepreneurship award in business. The Turkish jury, including the leading names from media, academic and business life, has evaluated candidates in terms of entrepreneurial spirit, financial performance, strategic direction, global (or community) impact, innovation, personal integrity/influence and awarded the success of our Chairman of the Board at his 24th year of business life.

This year, Entrepreneur of the Year Award Ceremony was organized for 8th time in Turkey. Nihat Ergün, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, and Hanzade Doğan Boyner, Chairman of the Board of Doğan News Agency presented the award of Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 to Dr.Şükrü Bozluolcay.

While accepting his award, Our Chairman of Board of Directors Şükrü Bozluolçay said “He believed that Turkish people have entrepreneurship soul in their nature, it is really worthy to encourage this soul through such kind of comptetitions and this success is a team game, even if this award has been  given to him, the real rewarded ones are those succesful-reliable managers behind him” and congratulated Bozlu teams and wish them continued success.

We would like to congratulate Mr.Bozluolçay for this important achievement and wish him continued success in representing Turkey at World Entrepreneur of the Year Contest in Monte Carlo in June.


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