Is to produce and introduce our products and services according to good manufacturing practices (cGMP) with the guiding principle of customer orientation and to provide quality, continuity and continuous improvement at services.


We are committing;

  • To follow ethic rules,
  • To provide all kinds of source requirements for production convenient to cGMP and to make high-standard production while following technology,
  • To apply legal requirements by following them which are valid for quality and products,
  • To assist personal improvements of our employees.


Is to provide planning, production and follow our products as leaving minimum impact to environment in the life cycle and create a healthy and safe working place for our employees in a conscious of sustainable development and social responsibility.

To reach this, we are committing;

  • To comply laws, regulations, rules and the other standards regarding Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety,
  • To decrease natural source usage,
  • To decrease wastes in-place, to ensure recycle of wastes and to destroy the non-recycled wastes by using appropriate techniques,
  • To encourage and make employees and contracted companies conscious of ensuring occupational health, safety and environmental sensitivity.
  • To take necessary precautions in order to protect health of employees and to perform required actions to prevent injuries and health problems.
  • To decrease potential dangers to a minimum level by determining the risks arising from our activities and to take corrective and preventive actions by using appropriate technology.
  • To review whole Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety system periodically and to improve performance of the system continuously by the management.