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Çevre Sağlığı


Eczacıbaşı Monrol, adding value to human life with pioneering and innovative approaches in the diagnosis and treatment of vital diseases in nuclear medicine, has adopted as its main goal to be a leading company that creates value for all its stakeholders in Turkey and developing neighboring countries. Protecting the health and safety of our employees, visitors and all stakeholders benefiting from health services by taking preventive measures while manufacturing these drugs used in the diagnosis and treatment of vital diseases is our priority. Our main goal is to carry out all our work in a sustainable environment by protecting the health and safety of the society with a proactive approach. For this purpose, we are committed to ensuring its continuity by establishing an open, transparent, and constructive communication network about our business processes and value chain with the sense of responsibility we feel towards all our stakeholders. Within the framework of this mission, we commit to the following in all our activities as Eczacıbaşı Monrol senior management;

• To apply all national/international legal and other conditions that we are obliged to apply in all our processes and follow their effectiveness,
• To continuously develop and improve all our processes in light of innovative projects in line with the requierements of Environmental, Occupational Health, and Safety-Management systems.
• To evaluate the risks and opportunities related to all our processes within the Environment, Occupational Health, and Safety Management Systems and to determine and improve the necessary actions,
• To carry out projects that encourage the use of clean manufacturing technologies and ensure their continuity in order to protect the environment and to reduce and prevent pollution by identifying waste, water, and energy footprints in all our activities.
• To use natural resources and energy efficiently for a sustainable environment,
• To provide training sessions to our employees to increase awareness about Enviromental, Occupational Health, and Safety Management systems.
• To provide the necessary infrastructure to encourage effective participation for the opinions and suggestions of our employees about the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, and to evaluate and implement the solution proposals,
• To take measures to prevent the occurrence of occupational accidents and diseases by ensuring the detection and control of dangerous situations in order to protect the health and safety of our employees and visitors.